Pastor GG

Rev. G.G. Gitahi, (BD, ThM, DMin, PhD), Minister
Rev. Dr. G.G. Gitahi, is the pioneer Pastor of  Kenyan American Community Church. Before answering the call to the Holy Ministry, Dr GG was a high school teacher for seven years in Kenya where he served as Deputy and Headmaster in different schools. Dr. GG was ordained in 1990 after completing his theological training and ministerial preparation. Before coming to the United States for graduate studies, Dr. GG served as a minister of word and sacrament for six years.
Rev. Dr. GG and 1st Lady Rehab 
Dr. GG is a scholar and loves education. He holds a Bachelor of Divinity (BD), Master of Theology (ThM), Doctor of Ministry (DMin) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). To maintain his academic agility, Dr. Gitahi teaches Anthropology at Kennesaw State University as an adjunct professor. He loves impacting peoples’ lives both in teaching and his pastoral duties
Dr. GG is married to Rahab Rose Gitonga, a trained high school teacher and Christian Educator. Rahab Rose holds Bachelor of Education (B Ed), Master of Christian Education (MCE), Master of Arts in Religion (MAR). She teaches bible study at KACC with great passion.
Dr. G G and Rahab Rose have two children, Catherine and Michael.
Come and worship with us and experience our Kenyan African hospitality. We shall be honored by your visit and your worship with us.
KACC draws its membership from diverse faith backgrounds. For the last 18 years (1999-2017) the church has registered growth dynamics in many fields of ministry. KACC has endeavored to offer a hospitable and spiritual environment through which many Kenya immigrants in Metro Atlanta have thrived. Our unique Kenyan African cultural and religious heritage is exemplified in our worship and fellowship. We share and celebrate this heritage among ourselves and the larger American community as a gift from God.