The Kenyan American Community Church is part of the Universal Church; Worshiping God Almighty, All-wise, and All-loving, in Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the same in substance, equal in power and glory; adoring the Father, infinite in majesty, of whom are all things; confessing our Lord Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son, made very man for our salvation, glorying in His cross and resurrection and owing obedience to Him as the Head over all things in His Church; trusting in the promised renewal and guidance of the Holy Spirit, proclaiming the forgiveness of sins and acceptance by God through faith in Christ and the gift of eternal life; and laboring for the advancement of the Kingdom of God throughout the world. 


Our Vision at KACC is to seek to cultivate renewal, transformation and restoration; to equip our people for service to God and neighbor. 


It is the mission of KACC to worship and glorify God by: Witnessing and bringing people to Jesus and membership in His family,  Serving one another, our community, and the World,  Equipping our members for ministry in the church and for mission in the local community and in the world, and Fellowshipping with God’s people through membership and commitment to each other.