The purpose of the Men’s Ministry at KACC is to bring the men of the Church to the place in Christ where they are functioning in God’s perfect will, uniting the men in the spirit of love where each man recognizes that he is his brother’s keeper. The Men’s Ministry is committed to serving our God by serving our families, our church, and our community. The fellowship endeavors to see that a church man;
  • Is responsible for seeing that he and his family have sufficient means to live and to develop their talents.
  • He is expected to labor to make the place where he and his family live as comfortable as possible.
  • He is also to work to bring spiritual order to the household through family prayer, father’s blessings, and gospel study, teaching his children that life’s proper priorities are gospel centered.
  • He is taught to pray for, and bless, his family members. He shows them by example how to treat a wife—and women in general and children—with utmost respect.