The primary role of the KACC Church Choir is to support and enhance the congregation in song. As such, the choir becomes an important leader in worship, guiding the gathered assembly in prayer and praise through song. The choir is that portion of the congregation that is trained and rehearsed for the specific task of leading the sung prayer and praise of the people.
“We are each others’ keeper”
KACC Choir is enthusiastic, and approaches its task with a sense of reverence thereby leading others to a profound conviction that through the music of the liturgy, KACC members encounter the Holy God.
stan MusyaCome, meet and praise with the Kenyan American Community Church Choir, a mixed bunch of about 45 enthusiastic and active singers, who have defied all odds in their busy life schedules and purposed to stick together to praise God in singing.
We are dedicated to providing a sound leadership in praise and worship in our services.
Our repertoire comprises of presentations of renowned major works and beautiful adaptations and arrangements of African tunes and rhythms with a bias in a capella versions of our own original compositions some of which are occasionally splashed with instrumental accompaniments. It is this wide range of musical styles that brings out the group’s versatility.
Apart from concerts around Atlanta, Georgia, the KACC Choir, on invitations, is widely travelled and has put up performances in other states including, Kansas City in Kansas, Washington D.C in Maryland, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida and recently Dallas in Texas, just to mention but a few.
The group’s motto is “We are each others’ keeper”
Stan Musya